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Dirty Jokes: Sex jokes, Bad jokes, Inappropriate jokes, Adult jokes

Dirty Jokes

Funny Jokes For Adults

Funny Jokes For Adults

Mr. and Mrs. Kumar went on honeymoon after marriage. After entering the hotel, Mrs. Kumar sat on the couch, and Kumar sir went to pick up the room at the reception.

There at the reception, a beautiful girl stood in a mini skirt. Mr. Kumar took the key of the room and brought Mrs. Kumar to the room.
After reaching the room, Kumar said to Mrs. Kumar, “She was the girl at the reception she is a ‘call girl’.”

Mrs. Kumar: No, their uniform is like this. You understand anything.
On this, Kumar sir took a bet with his wife that the girl was a call girl.
Mr. Kumar hid Mrs. Ji behind the curtain and called the girl into the room and asked, “I am alone, will you go with me tonight?”
Girl: 2000$ / –

Mr. Kumar: I will give 200$ / -.
The girl left in anger and Mr, Kumar lost the bet.
In the evening, when Mr, Kumar was sitting in the restaurant with his mother-in-law, the girl looked at him from a distance and came to him and said, “You will get the same for 200$ / -“.

Dirty Quotes

Dirty Quotes

Once a donkey in the jungle feels like having sex, he goes to the female donkey. The female donkey refuses him saying that your cock is too big and hurts a lot. The donkey tries to convince him a lot, finally, the female donkey agrees but says go and get someone who guarantees, that you will not put all your cocks inside.

The donkey goes to other animals in the forest for a guarantee, but no animal is willing to guarantee it. Finally, a frog feels sorry and is ready to be guaranteed. The frog says to the donkey, “I will put a mark on your cock. You do not put more than that. Whenever you go beyond the mark, I will whistle, then you take out the cocks.”

The donkey gets ready. Both go to the female donkey.
The donkey starts sacking. Whenever the cock of the donkey goes too more from the mark, As time passed. When the donkey starts going inside the mark again and again, When the donkey was full of excitement, he did not even hear the frog whistle, so the frog leaped and sat on the donkey‘s cock but where the donkey was going to stop.

When he made his final shot, the frog entered the ass of the female donkey.
All this was seen by a monkey sitting on the tree. He started clapping loudly, “Guaranteed ass in the ass.” “Guaranteed ass in the ass.”

What you have learned from this story: Never guarantee anyone else, otherwise there may be a chance of entering the ass.

Bad Quotes


What is the difference between man & woman?

A woman expects a lot from the same man.
And man expects the same from many women ..

On a honeymoon night, what does the wife give to her husband?


What is the thing that a girl gets scared after seeing and does not let it pour in, but the pourer forces it?

ear and nose ring

Girls do not give before 18 years, tell me what?


What do most girls like thick and tall?


What is the girl’s thing that is always wet?

Tongue or mouth

What is the work that Indian girls cannot do?

Sindoor, cannot wear Mangalsutra and cannot divorce

What is a boy who is small and a girl is big?


Which is the place where man and woman have curly hair?


What is the thing that is made to crush and penetrate with spit?

Needle thread

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