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Dirty Jokes

Offensive Jokes: Dirty Jokes

Offensive Jokes

Once an Englishman was lying naked on the beach and lying upside down. Then a negro passed from there and seeing the ass of the English, the cock of the negro became erect. The Negro thought that why should not the British ass be fucked. Thinking this the Negro put his cock in the ass of the Englishman and started fucking him.

When the negro was passionately hitting the British ass, then another Englishman came there. When he saw the negro beating the British ass, he felt insulted by his caste. So that Englishman put his cock in the negro‘s ass and started fucking him.

Now black over white and blonde over black.

At this point, Santa also came there, and was surprised to see the view there and said, “His mother’s pussy, sisterfucker, We too also Fucked Ass, but never tried it with carbon paper.

Jokes For Adults: Dirty Jokes

Jokes For Adults

Sex University’s Diploma Doggy Style topic was leaked

Topic: Sex Position
Time: 3 hours
Marks: 80

Q: What is the importance of beating pussy in doggy style sex?
Question: Explain the history of Doggy style sex.
Question: Can the girl’s ass be fucked by this method?
Yes or no Give your reasoning

Q: Describe the characteristics of Doggy style by Sunny Leone.
Answer yes or no
1. Will the child born to do Doggy style be a dog?
2. Is doggy style sex also called 69 sex?
3. Is it necessary to have a dog to do Doggy style sex?
4. Can a girl not see a boy while having sex in this position?
5. Does the girl have legs in the air in this position?

Additional questions

Q: If a girl is fucking in doggy style, then her nipple bounces up to 3 times with one pat (Short), if she jumps 272 times then tell the number of Stumbles (Shorts) on the pussy.
This time, your friend leaked the paper, Prepare for next time Paper, mother fucker.

Funny Dirty Jokes

Funny Dirty Jokes

Once Pakistani wife was taking a bath at her house, Pathan secretly saw her.

The next day when Pakistani met Pathan, Pathan said, “I saw your Begum (Wife) taking a bath yesterday.”

Pakistani was very angry to hear this and she also decided to take revenge.

In the evening, Pakistani noticed that the curtains in Pathan‘s room were up and sex was taking place in the room.

The next day Pakistani said to the Pathan, “You saw my wife taking a bath, So, I saw, you and your wife both having sex yesterday?”

Pathan laughed and said, “Come on, liars, I was not at home last night.

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