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Dirty Jokes

Husband Wife Dirty Jokes

Dirty Jokes

Wife: Listen, now that we are tied in marriage, then we should manage our sex life.

Husband: Yes, say my love.

Wife: When you come from the office and see If my hair is dressed, it means that I am in the mood for sex.
If my hair is scattered and light, then I can have sex, or not even.
And if my hair deteriorates then I am in full mood.

husband‘s mind was disturbed, he said, “Okay, honey, but I also have some conditions.”

The husband said: if I will come to drink a glass of alcohol from the office, then I am not in the mood for sex.

If I will come to drink 2 glasses of alcohol from the office, then I can have sex, or not even.

But if 3 pegs came, then your hairstyle mother went to fucking, Fucking will only be done.

Dad jokes

Dirty Jokes

Maganlal married Ruby, a girl working in a call center. Maganlal came with his hard penis on the honeymoon. She hoped that Ruby would be sitting caressing her pussy. But Ruby lay in bed just like a dead dog.

Maganlal: Mother fucker, what is this you made? you do not see it is I.

Ruby: Hello, welcome to bed. Press left nipple to fuck in English style. Press right nipple to fuck in Hindi style.

Maganlal: What joke is this, whore’s child?

Ruby: To know about pussy information, such as tight pussy or torn pussy, put a finger. For some information like the penis is not working properly, put your cock in my mouth. To hit an Anal, insert the finger into the anal and pull your Jaunt and insert the finger three times.

Maganlal: Bitch, your mother’s pussy, I have come to fuck you.
Ruby: Talk to a customer service executive to fuck me.

Maganlal (almost crying): Gone to hell, such a pussy. Motherfucker, to get married to this wretched.

Ruby: Please stay on the line. Your cock is in the queue. Your activity can be recorded for our internal training and purpose.

Funny Dirty Jokes

Dirty Jokes

A Baba Ji came to the city for a lecture. Some women also came to listen to the discourse. She was listening to discourse together and talking with each other.

Baba: Whatever good and bad deeds we do in this birth, we get the result in the next life and the man gets the cunt according to the same in the next life.

A woman: Baba Ji, tell me whether by doing good deeds, the man again gets the same cunt?

Baba: Of course, he gets the same cunt.

Woman (from another woman): Come on, sister, let us go to our houses. When we will have to get fuck & fucking only in our next life. So what fucking benefit will from listening to the discourse.

When Santa got a head injury, he went to the doctor to get him bandaged. The doctor put a bandage on his head and asked how he got hurt.
Santa: Quit Doctor sir is a long story.

Doctor: I still want to hear.

Santa: The thing is that the wife went to her maternal uncle last week. I also went to the hotel on Sunday to change the air. There was a beautiful woman in the room next to me. At eleven o’clock in the night, she knocked on the door and apologized that she is having a cold, if I can help, she will be grateful. I gave a blanket. After a while, she came again and started complaining. I gave him my overcoat.
Today when I was hammering the nail with a hammer, suddenly I understood what she was looking for that day. And just, I gave the hammer to my head.

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Sex Jokes

Sex Jokes

One day the teacher said in class, “Children if I say an alphabet letter, you have to tell me a word.”

The teacher first spoke the letter, F.
Pappu and the rest of the children raised their hands, but the teacher did not pay attention to Pappu thinking that something would be upside down. He asked another child to stand.
Child: Flowerpot.
Teacher: Excellent.

Then the teacher said the letter, S
Then Pappu and the children raised their hands, but the teacher did not pay attention to Pappu again thinking that something would be upside down. He asked another child to stand.
Child: Sweets.
Teacher: Excellent.

The teacher now spoke the letter again. M
Then Pappu and the children raised their hands. When the teacher did not think of any reverse word from him, he made Pappu stand up.
Pappu: Mother Fucker!

motherfucker I formed a group, added you all, understood them like their children, never discriminated against anyone, played all the duties of being a group administrator. Every day I send new jokes, I send the words of knowledge, I send blue films, I send nude pictures, taught you to fist, taught you to fuck, Before the chicken says Kukudu, I call you good morning, whether you recharge your mobile or not, I recharge a 4G pack of 600 every month, just for you.

But you guys are bent on fuck my anal.

Our admin this, our admin that, our admin like this, our admin like that, our admin douchebag, our admin asshole, our admin motherfucker, our admin like a penis, our admin keep writing. Oh, I have formed a group, I have committed some sins.
fuck my ass.

Now you will laugh even at this point, you bastards.

Adult Jokes

Adult Jokes

Two old men, drunk with alcohol, went to have sex in a room.
No girl accepted sex from older men. So, the broker filled the air in two rubber dolls, gave them to the old men, and said, “Girls are drunk. Do your job.”

When both came out of the room in the morning, they were talking among themselves.

First Older: Man, the girl was not drunk, she was a corpse. The whole night had to be shaken by itself.

The second old man said while crying, Motherfucker gave me a ghost. I excitedly cut her nipple, So there was a strong wind with Suuuu’s voice, and the girl fly and went out of the window. My ass bursting all night, due to fear…

Comparative study of glasses and bras:

1. Both have the same texture.
2. Initially both have difficulty wearing.
3. One is worn to be seen and the other to be seen.
4. The number of both increases with the experiment and age.
5. After removing glasses, the eyes get twinkled and the eyes are flashed as soon as the bra is removed.
6. After wearing the glasses and after the bra is off, its use becomes basically big.

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