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Dirty Jokes: Sex jokes, Bad jokes, Inappropriate jokes, Adult jokes

Dirty Jokes

Here we provide you best Dirty Jokes, Silly jokes, Dirty quotes, Jokes for adults, Offensive jokes, Sex jokes, Adult jokes, Clean jokes, Dirty pick up lines, Inappropriate jokes, Bad jokes, Dad jokes. that will make you laugh. Laughter is the fuel of our life. Laughter keeps our heart healthy and it keeps the stress away from our life. Therefore, laughter and happiness are closely related. There are some particular things, which trigger our laughter. It is actually when our nervous system gets the signal that something we hear or something we see is funny, then part of our brain tells us to react to that with laughter.

Now obviously comedy or joke is the thing, which is meant to be funny in a way that when we hear a joke, we react to that with laughter. Therefore, the joke is an important part of our daily life. Jokes play an important role in our work, family, and personal life. As hearing or reading, Dirty Jokes can give us humor instantly, Dirty Jokes play a vital role in maintaining our physical and mental well-being.

Dirty Jokes

Santa Banta Dirty Jokes

There are Dirty Jokes in all languages and every country in this entire world has its own taste of joke. Hindi is a language of millions and this language is rich in culture. There are many types of Dirty Jokes. Unique characters and norms make these Dirty Jokes funny and enjoyable to readers. Dirty Jokes are found in the form of a book or you can hear them. Santa Banta Jokes Non-Veg is a very popular joke. People who understand Hindi enjoys Dirty Jokes enjoy them very much.

Bad Quotes

Santa Banta Jokes In Hindi is specially designed for the adult group of people. Among adults, this joke is getting popularity very rapidly. Dirty Jokes are kind of jokes which especially talk about adult stuff. For example, Dirty Jokes talks about adult stuff and they present adult stuff in a way that is very funny and you will not be able to resist your laughter. Parents should see if their kids are trying to read Dirty Jokes.

Kids should be prohibited by their parents or elders to not to read adult stuff. They should be taught that it is off limit for them. If you want to read Santa Banta Dirty Jokes, simply go to a bookstore to buy a book of this joke. There are other options for you to read these amazing Dirty Jokes without buying a book. You can read them online too. Simply take the help of any search engine. The next thing is you are reading all these funny Dirty Jokes.

Dirty Jokes

Dirty Jokes

Girl with her Boyfriend: Let’s talk to each other by abusing us today.
Boy: No, you will get angry.
Girl: Dogs
Boy: Bitch
Girl: motherfucker
Boy: bastard
Girl: Crazy
Boy: mad girl
Girl: mother fucker, bastard
Boy: call girl, Mother fucker, Your mother’s pussy, I will fuck your sister,  I will fuck your family, Motherfucker’s baby girl, bitch
Girl (crying): Our relationship is over today.
Boy: Honey, listen to me… I told you, you will get angry.

Bad Quotes

Monu‘s father and mother were talking to each other.
Papa: Sharma Ji has received a call. He likes our Monu very much, he is coming this evening to talk about his daughter.
Mummy: This is very good news.
(Monu also heard this thing and jumped in his room happily.)
Mummy: Guests are coming and the gas cylinder is about to end.
Papa: I will call the office, the boy will come and give the cylinder.
Mother: But I have to go to the market.
Papa: Monu will stay at home, I tell him.
(Papa calls Monu.)
Monu: Yes Papa.

Papa: Son, he will come today…
Just then, in the midst of being amused, Monu said, “I know, I had heard your talk.”
(Monu had, Sharma Ji and his daughter in mind.)
Papa: Yes, son, if he comes, it is a must to see that the seal is packed, if the seal is broken, then deny it
(Before Monu got sweaty, he would say something, mummy said.)
Mummy: Oh, you don’t know, nowadays all the seals broke. Gupta’s seal was broken here too, Mathur Ji’s seal was also broken, people there break the seal every day so that the person who goes to the house has no problem.

Papa: In this way, the seal is important. So Come to our house in front of us and break it.
(Papa said before Monu fainted.)
Papa: And yes Monu, Today, Sharma Ji and his daughter are coming to confirm.
Monu wiping the sweat: Now you have been talking about breaking the seal for so long, whom were you talking about?
Papa: Of gas cylinders, who did you understand?
Monu: Sharma Ji’s daughter.

Husband Wife Dirty Jokes

Dirty Jokes

Wife: Listen, now that we are tied in marriage, then we should manage our sex life.

Husband: Yes, say my love.

Wife: When you come from the office and see If my hair is dressed, it means that I am in the mood for sex.
If my hair is scattered and light, then I can have sex, or not even.
And if my hair deteriorates then I am in full mood.

husband‘s mind was disturbed, he said, “Okay, honey, but I also have some conditions.”

The husband said: if I will come to drink a glass of alcohol from the office, then I am not in the mood for sex.

If I will come to drink 2 glasses of alcohol from the office, then I can have sex, or not even.

But if 3 pegs came, then your hairstyle mother went to fucking, Fucking will only be done.

Dad jokes

Dirty Jokes

Maganlal married Ruby, a girl working in a call center. Maganlal came with his hard penis on the honeymoon. She hoped that Ruby would be sitting caressing her pussy. But Ruby lay in bed just like a dead dog.

Maganlal: Mother fucker, what is this you made? you do not see it is I.

Ruby: Hello, welcome to bed. Press left nipple to fuck in English style. Press right nipple to fuck in Hindi style.

Maganlal: What joke is this, whore’s child?

Ruby: To know about pussy information, such as tight pussy or torn pussy, put a finger. For some information like the penis is not working properly, put your cock in my mouth. To hit an Anal, insert the finger into the anal and pull your Jaunt and insert the finger three times.

Maganlal: Bitch, your mother’s pussy, I have come to fuck you.
Ruby: Talk to a customer service executive to fuck me.

Maganlal (almost crying): Gone to hell, such a pussy. Motherfucker, to get married to this wretched.

Ruby: Please stay on the line. Your cock is in the queue. Your activity can be recorded for our internal training and purpose.

Funny Dirty Jokes

Dirty Jokes

A Baba Ji came to the city for a lecture. Some women also came to listen to the discourse. She was listening to discourse together and talking with each other.

Baba: Whatever good and bad deeds we do in this birth, we get the result in the next life and the man gets the cunt according to the same in the next life.

A woman: Baba Ji, tell me whether by doing good deeds, the man again gets the same cunt?

Baba: Of course, he gets the same cunt.

Woman (from another woman): Come on, sister, let us go to our houses. When we will have to get fuck & fucking only in our next life. So what fucking benefit will from listening to the discourse.

When Santa got a head injury, he went to the doctor to get him bandaged. The doctor put a bandage on his head and asked how he got hurt.
Santa: Quit Doctor sir is a long story.

Doctor: I still want to hear.

Santa: The thing is that the wife went to her maternal uncle last week. I also went to the hotel on Sunday to change the air. There was a beautiful woman in the room next to me. At eleven o’clock in the night, she knocked on the door and apologized that she is having a cold, if I can help, she will be grateful. I gave a blanket. After a while, she came again and started complaining. I gave him my overcoat.
Today when I was hammering the nail with a hammer, suddenly I understood what she was looking for that day. And just, I gave the hammer to my head.

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Sex Jokes

Sex Jokes

One day the teacher said in class, “Children if I say an alphabet letter, you have to tell me a word.”

The teacher first spoke the letter, F.
Pappu and the rest of the children raised their hands, but the teacher did not pay attention to Pappu thinking that something would be upside down. He asked another child to stand.
Child: Flowerpot.
Teacher: Excellent.

Then the teacher said the letter, S
Then Pappu and the children raised their hands, but the teacher did not pay attention to Pappu again thinking that something would be upside down. He asked another child to stand.
Child: Sweets.
Teacher: Excellent.

The teacher now spoke the letter again. M
Then Pappu and the children raised their hands. When the teacher did not think of any reverse word from him, he made Pappu stand up.
Pappu: Mother Fucker!

motherfucker I formed a group, added you all, understood them like their children, never discriminated against anyone, played all the duties of being a group administrator. Every day I send new jokes, I send the words of knowledge, I send blue films, I send nude pictures, taught you to fist, taught you to fuck, Before the chicken says Kukudu, I call you good morning, whether you recharge your mobile or not, I recharge a 4G pack of 600 every month, just for you.

But you guys are bent on fuck my anal.

Our admin this, our admin that, our admin like this, our admin like that, our admin douchebag, our admin asshole, our admin motherfucker, our admin like a penis, our admin keep writing. Oh, I have formed a group, I have committed some sins.
fuck my ass.

Now you will laugh even at this point, you bastards.

Adult Jokes

Adult Jokes

Two old men, drunk with alcohol, went to have sex in a room.
No girl accepted sex from older men. So, the broker filled the air in two rubber dolls, gave them to the old men, and said, “Girls are drunk. Do your job.”

When both came out of the room in the morning, they were talking among themselves.

First Older: Man, the girl was not drunk, she was a corpse. The whole night had to be shaken by itself.

The second old man said while crying, Motherfucker gave me a ghost. I excitedly cut her nipple, So there was a strong wind with Suuuu’s voice, and the girl fly and went out of the window. My ass bursting all night, due to fear…

Comparative study of glasses and bras:

1. Both have the same texture.
2. Initially both have difficulty wearing.
3. One is worn to be seen and the other to be seen.
4. The number of both increases with the experiment and age.
5. After removing glasses, the eyes get twinkled and the eyes are flashed as soon as the bra is removed.
6. After wearing the glasses and after the bra is off, its use becomes basically big.

Bad Jokes

Bad Jokes

A girl got married and her friend was very keen to know about her honeymoon.
Friend: Tell me what happened last night?
Girl: Nothing.
Friend: But you had Honeymoon yesterday, must have happened?
Girl: I’m saying nothing happened.
Friend: Okay, tell me the whole incident last night.
Girl: My husband came to the room at ten o’clock at night.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: He took off his coat and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he took off his tie and hung on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he took off his shirt and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?

Girl: Then he took off his vest and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he took off his belt and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he also took off his pants and hung on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he took off my sari (Cloth) and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then took off my blouse (upper Bra. like gym upper bra) and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?

Girl: Then he also took off my petticoat and hung it on the peg.
Friend: What happened then?
Girl: Then he also took off my bra and hung it on the peg.
Friend: Then something must have happened then?
Girl: Yes, it was a lot of fun.
Friend: What happened?
Girl: Because of loading so many clothes, the peg broke and And he kept patting the peg all night.

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Dark Jokes

Bad Quotes
  1. If get nipple then start sucking
  2. When the wall is found then starts pissing,
  3. tongue slipping started Mother and sister,
  4. When got ass, finger started,
  5. Started drinking, when found free
  6. If you get cocks, started shaking,
  7. When four friends are found, the ruckus begins,
  8. sex planning started when the girl was found
  9. If you get such a message, then start forwarding.

A doctor was running away with a blade behind Pathan and shouting, “Stop, I will Fuck your mother, Stop bastard, I will kill you once I get my hands.”

Hearing this, some people caught the doctor and asked, “What has happened, brother, why are you bent on killing him?”
The doctor said angrily, “This mother fucker bastard, He has been doing the same for the last 4 times, comes to get the vasectomy done, and runs away after getting the hair cut. “

Dirty Pick Up Lines

Dirty Pick Up Lines

Once Pathan (Afghanistan khan) was traveling in the sea that his ship broke down due to a terrible storm in the sea and he reached an island. On reaching the island, he saw that there was a sheep and a dog on the island. The three became close friends.

All three spent much of their time together. Watching the sunset in the evening. One day at sunset, Pathan (Afghanistan khan) had a desire to have sex, but if he did not see anyone there, he took the sheep in his arms.

Seeing this, the dog became alert. He quickly rescued the sheep from Pathan (Afghanistan khan) and barked at Pathan (Afghanistan khan). Pathan (Afghanistan khan) understood that the dog wanted to save the sheep. Then after that, he used to roam daily, but Pathan (Afghanistan khan) stayed away from the sheep.

Suddenly another day there came another storm in which a very beautiful girl reached the island. Pathan was very happy to see, but due to the storm, the condition of the girl was very bad. Pathan (Afghanistan khan) served him well and settled him within days.

When the girl got well, she was very happy with Pathan and said to him, “I am very happy with you, you have given me a new life. I can do whatever you want for me.”

Pathan (Afghanistan khan) was overjoyed to hear this and took the girl in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Can you take this dog for a while?”

Inappropriate Jokes

Inappropriate Jokes

Sex university paper

Time: 3 hours
Marks: 100

Question 1. Explain the properties of the best pussy in detail?
Comparison of 2 methods of cleaning hair, (i) VEET method, (ii) RAZOR method.

Question 2. What are the types of Boobs? Describe graphically?
Before starting sex, highlight the importance of finger fingering?

Question 3. You bow down, I fuck you, with is the poem What currency are Kavi teaching us to use?
Describe in detail the strong manly fucking to extinguish a thirsty pussy?

Question 4. Explain the usefulness of masturbating in a man’s life?
Write any 10 differences between the virgin pussy and the daily use pussy?


Question 5. An 8 “long and 3” thick hard cock is doing a stream fucking a young beautiful girl at a speed of 40 shots per minute.
If the size of the pussy: Depth = 4 inches, the smoothing coefficient = 8, and if the fuck lasted 5 minutes at the same speed, then tell the size of the pussy after sex?

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Clean Jokes

Clean Jokes

Multiple choice questions (1 mark each):

1). What is the name of balls hanging under the cocks?
i). HaIr
ii). Butts
iii). Balls

2). What is the pussy and cock insertion process called?
i). Fuck
ii). Hilt
iii). sex

3). What color is of the liquid coming out after hilt?
i). Black
ii). White
iii). Colorless

4). The second Head is a constituent of which sex organ?
i). Pussy
ii). Cocks
iii). Teat

5). What is the name of the Aids stopping device offered on cocks?
i). condoms
ii). viagra
iii). Copper tea

Short answer questions (5 marks each)

1). Mention any 5 benefits of Hilt?

2). What is the difference between asshole and pussy licking? Write briefly.

3). Describe any of the 5 signs of the ass fucker boy.

Long answer questions (10 marks each)

1). Describe the picture of pussy and explain the difference between pussy and Torn off pussy.

2). A detailed description of Gandhi’s principles of abusive sex.

Numerical Question (10 Marks)

1). One pussy whose radius of hole is 6 millimeters, an 8 inch long and 3 inch thick cocks fuck at a speed of 90 shocks per minute, so what will be the radius of the pussy after 10 minutes of fuck?

Note: Bringing sexy books and blue films on mobile is prohibited in the exam hall. Ass will be fuck if caught!

Offensive Jokes: Dirty Jokes

Offensive Jokes

Once an Englishman was lying naked on the beach and lying upside down. Then a negro passed from there and seeing the ass of the English, the cock of the negro became erect. The Negro thought that why should not the British ass be fucked. Thinking this the Negro put his cock in the ass of the Englishman and started fucking him.

When the negro was passionately hitting the British ass, then another Englishman came there. When he saw the negro beating the British ass, he felt insulted by his caste. So that Englishman put his cock in the negro‘s ass and started fucking him.

Now black over white and blonde over black.

At this point, Santa also came there, and was surprised to see the view there and said, “His mother’s pussy, sisterfucker, We too also Fucked Ass, but never tried it with carbon paper.

Jokes For Adults: Dirty Jokes

Jokes For Adults

Sex University’s Diploma Doggy Style topic was leaked

Topic: Sex Position
Time: 3 hours
Marks: 80

Q: What is the importance of beating pussy in doggy style sex?
Question: Explain the history of Doggy style sex.
Question: Can the girl’s ass be fucked by this method?
Yes or no Give your reasoning

Q: Describe the characteristics of Doggy style by Sunny Leone.
Answer yes or no
1. Will the child born to do Doggy style be a dog?
2. Is doggy style sex also called 69 sex?
3. Is it necessary to have a dog to do Doggy style sex?
4. Can a girl not see a boy while having sex in this position?
5. Does the girl have legs in the air in this position?

Additional questions

Q: If a girl is fucking in doggy style, then her nipple bounces up to 3 times with one pat (Short), if she jumps 272 times then tell the number of Stumbles (Shorts) on the pussy.
This time, your friend leaked the paper, Prepare for next time Paper, mother fucker.

Funny Dirty Jokes

Funny Dirty Jokes

Once Pakistani wife was taking a bath at her house, Pathan secretly saw her.

The next day when Pakistani met Pathan, Pathan said, “I saw your Begum (Wife) taking a bath yesterday.”

Pakistani was very angry to hear this and she also decided to take revenge.

In the evening, Pakistani noticed that the curtains in Pathan‘s room were up and sex was taking place in the room.

The next day Pakistani said to the Pathan, “You saw my wife taking a bath, So, I saw, you and your wife both having sex yesterday?”

Pathan laughed and said, “Come on, liars, I was not at home last night.

Funny Jokes For Adults

Funny Jokes For Adults

Mr. and Mrs. Kumar went on honeymoon after marriage. After entering the hotel, Mrs. Kumar sat on the couch, and Kumar sir went to pick up the room at the reception.

There at the reception, a beautiful girl stood in a mini skirt. Mr. Kumar took the key of the room and brought Mrs. Kumar to the room.
After reaching the room, Kumar said to Mrs. Kumar, “She was the girl at the reception she is a ‘call girl’.”

Mrs. Kumar: No, their uniform is like this. You understand anything.
On this, Kumar sir took a bet with his wife that the girl was a call girl.
Mr. Kumar hid Mrs. Ji behind the curtain and called the girl into the room and asked, “I am alone, will you go with me tonight?”
Girl: 2000$ / –

Mr. Kumar: I will give 200$ / -.
The girl left in anger and Mr, Kumar lost the bet.
In the evening, when Mr, Kumar was sitting in the restaurant with his mother-in-law, the girl looked at him from a distance and came to him and said, “You will get the same for 200$ / -“.

Dirty Quotes

Dirty Quotes

Once a donkey in the jungle feels like having sex, he goes to the female donkey. The female donkey refuses him saying that your cock is too big and hurts a lot. The donkey tries to convince him a lot, finally, the female donkey agrees but says go and get someone who guarantees, that you will not put all your cocks inside.

The donkey goes to other animals in the forest for a guarantee, but no animal is willing to guarantee it. Finally, a frog feels sorry and is ready to be guaranteed. The frog says to the donkey, “I will put a mark on your cock. You do not put more than that. Whenever you go beyond the mark, I will whistle, then you take out the cocks.”

The donkey gets ready. Both go to the female donkey.
The donkey starts sacking. Whenever the cock of the donkey goes too more from the mark, As time passed. When the donkey starts going inside the mark again and again, When the donkey was full of excitement, he did not even hear the frog whistle, so the frog leaped and sat on the donkey‘s cock but where the donkey was going to stop.

When he made his final shot, the frog entered the ass of the female donkey.
All this was seen by a monkey sitting on the tree. He started clapping loudly, “Guaranteed ass in the ass.” “Guaranteed ass in the ass.”

What you have learned from this story: Never guarantee anyone else, otherwise there may be a chance of entering the ass.

Bad Quotes


What is the difference between man & woman?

A woman expects a lot from the same man.
And man expects the same from many women ..

On a honeymoon night, what does the wife give to her husband?


What is the thing that a girl gets scared after seeing and does not let it pour in, but the pourer forces it?

ear and nose ring

Girls do not give before 18 years, tell me what?


What do most girls like thick and tall?


What is the girl’s thing that is always wet?

Tongue or mouth

What is the work that Indian girls cannot do?

Sindoor, cannot wear Mangalsutra and cannot divorce

What is a boy who is small and a girl is big?


Which is the place where man and woman have curly hair?


What is the thing that is made to crush and penetrate with spit?

Needle thread


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